Advices for EDiR exam

Advices for EDiR exam

EDiR notebook

It is an excellent source even it’s not formal and ESR did not publish any books
الكتاب يتبرأ منه المشرفون على الامتحان
بعد الامتحان السابق يناير 2019 لاحظ المراقب وجود الكتاب. قام بتصويره. ثم رفع ذلك على صفحتهم على فيسبوك وأصدروا تبرؤً منه
ثم قالوا إنهم سينشرون كتابهم وغالبا تم نشره
على أي حال هو كتاب قيم
It  consists of the answers of many MCQ books
Download the book
The advice to study every chapter of the book with the corresponding part in “Core” radiology book


Multiple interesting cases from EURORAD

Preparation available on EDiR website:

– EDiR course available on their website:

This website provides multilevel learning stations, that you can proceed through them.

Simulation for the exam

Radiopaedia Quizzes

Enter quiz mode in

Choose VIVA quizzes

CoNNect Academy course

It was a preparation course held in Cairo on 10 November

For Booking

Connect Academy Course

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